...diverting waste from landfills 
for a sustainable tomorrow.

What’s the purple cart for you ask?
It’s for organic waste collection by Zero
Waste Today! We’re changing the face of
the planet by diverting waste from landfills.

Unfortunately most of the waste going
to the landfill is food waste. The good news is that this waste stream can be easily converted to a renewable source – COMPOST!

Join us in this effort! Separate your fruits,
veggies and paper to divert more than 50%
of waste from the landfill.
To name just a few of the benefits, compost
…is the best nutrient-rich soil
amendment to the land
…reduces pollution
…aides urban farming
…promotes environmental stewardship
in communities and schools
Zero Waste Today will gladly conduct a waste analysis for your business, and set you up on a weekly organic waste collection program. We deliver all organic waste to a compost facility or farm, where it decomposes and is converted to nutrient-rich compost.

Change the face of the planet. Turn your waste into beneficial compost!
Change the Face of the Planet